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Coaches Corner

Avonworth hockey requires all coaches and managers to have the following before they are allowed to step on the ice.

Please collect all documents and give them to your team's manager if you are interested in helping.

  1. 1. Current USA Hockey registration yearly renewal through USA Hockey
  2. 2. Safe Sport training
  3. 3. Mid Am Clearances - 2 year renewal (MidAm Background Screening Registration)
  4. 4. PA child abuse clearance - 5 year renewal (compass.state.pa.us)
  5. 5. PA criminal background check - 5 year renewal (epatch.state.pa.us)
  6. 6. FBI fingerprinting if you have not been a PA resident for last 10 years. Attached Disclosure statement/affidavit may be used if you have been a resident of PA for the past 10 years. -- 5 year renewal
  7. 7. Coaches Certification or working on it or have signed up for a course.
  8. 8. Age specific modules for the age you are coaching


Please scan your clearances and email to Amber Graves, compliance officer, at compliance@avonworthhockey.org